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Berlin-based loudspeaker manufacturer EVE Audio was founded in 2010 by Roland Stenz, former co-founder, shareholder, and CEO of ADAM Audio. As such, he questioned the necessity of each and every component both from an engineering and user experience standpoint, concluding that the new EVE Audio product line should be designed from the ground up without using off-the-shelf components. The result is a complete range of active studio monitors — ranging from two- to four-way models — and studio subwoofers, all carefully designed to satisfy the needs of home recording users as well as studio professionals.

Notable technology deployed in all EVE Audio designs include the Grid, a small hexagonal, removable grill that magnetically latches onto the tweeter already perfectly aligned to protect it from any mishaps without adversely affecting high-frequency reproduction in any way whatsoever; high-resolution DSP electronics to help tailor the monitors to work the way the user wants them to directly from the front panel using a unique high-precision knob — no finicky software setup or updates required; high-quality A/D convertor from Burr-Brown to deliver a pristine signal to the DSP section; and tuned, larger than normal, rear rectangular bass port to maintain tight and punchy lower frequencies at higher sound pressure levels.

Featuring a four-inch SilverCone woofer with honeycomb-structured diaphragm driven by a sophisticated magnet system with a one-inch voice coil working alongside EVE Audio’s proprietary AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeter, the SC204 represents the smallest speaker in the studio monitor line — perfect for working at home or in a small music or post-production studio setup. Users can even mount the SC204 on a standard microphone stand thanks to conveniently threaded screw inserts.

At the other end of the scale, the SC408 is the largest four-way system monitor produced by EVE Audio — the perfect choice for larger control rooms where engineers are looking for the correct combination of power and precision. The stylish grey plate in the centre of the speaker’s front panel houses the midrange woofer and AMT tweeter and can be rotated so the speaker can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

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