Eventide is an audio and broadcast, communications, and avionics company in the United States whose audio division manufacturers digital audio processors and DSP software, and guitar effects.


Speaking of effects, it’s fair to say that the company’s breakthrough Harmonizer® technology revolutionised the audio industry. Indeed, the first production H910 Harmonizer was released in 1975, offering pitch shifting (± 1 octave), delay (up to 112.5 ms), feedback generation, and more digital audio processing besides. Interestingly, its first commercial customer was a New York City television station, who promptly put it to commercial use by downward pitch shifting the audio of I Love Lucy reruns that were sped up to create more room to run commercials!


On a more musical note, Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen used two H910s slightly detuned with a small delay to help create his trademark guitar sound.


Today the Harmonizer® legacy lives on in Eventide’s top-of-the-range H9000 Ultra-Harmonizer EFFECTS SYSTEM, featuring 1800 post-production and music effects preset-algorithms. Touted by its creator as being its most powerful effects processor ever, ear-opening specifications like eight channels of 24-bit audio at 44.1 to 96kHz over FireWire appear to bear this out, as attested to by likes of cutting-edge performers such as King Crimson guitarist Robert Fripp — who claimed that his professional life could not function without them — and American experimentalist Laurie Anderson, who has apparently owned every Eventide processor since the H910.


Surely it was only a matter of time before this groundbreaking New Jersey-based developer delivered some of that revolutionary technology to the wonderful world of plug-ins. Which is exactly what Eventide did with the H3000 Factory Harmonizer Native plug-in. As a recreation of several algorithms from its H3000 hardware namesake that combine pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering in a modular interface, it features over 450 presets, including over 100 new artists presets and over 100 presets from the original H3000.


Blackhole is a massive reverberator that first appeared in its earliest incarnation in the DSP4000 and flagship H9000 processors. Capable of producing huge spaces and out-of-this-world soundscapes, more recently it was tuned, expanded, enhanced, and released as the award-winning Space stompbox.


Speaking of which, Eventide’s series of sterling stompboxes have effectively come full circle with the PitchFactor Harmonizer®, making those much-loved effects truly affordable and portable in a road-ready hardware form factor. What a beautiful combination.

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  1. Eventide 2016 Stereo Room
    Eventide 2016 Stereo Room
  2. Eventide EuroDDL
    Eventide EuroDDL Eurorack Delay Module
  3. Eventide H9 Max
    Eventide H9 Max
  4. New
    Eventide H90 Harmonizer Multi-FX pedal
    Eventide H90
  5. Eventide H9000
    Eventide H9000 Ultra Harmonizer
  6. Eventide H9000 Rack
    Eventide H9000R Ultra Harmonizer
  7. Eventide Mixing Link
    Eventide Mixing Link
  8. Eventide Omnipressor
    Eventide Omnipressor
  9. Eventide Power Factor
    Eventide PowerFactor Power Supply
  10. Eventide Reverb 2016
    Eventide Reverb 2016
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