Petaluma-based Furman Sound currently bills itself as being the leader in power conditioners, but has been producing high-quality products since 1974, including professional audio and video signal processors. However, it’s its innovative, cutting-edge AC power technologies that has led to notable developments such as Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP), Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS), True RMS Voltage Regulation, and Power Factor Technology. Besides offering unyielding AC protection to valuable equipment, the Californian company’s Prestige Symmetrically Balanced power conditioners can provide studio setups with a higher standard of resolution by significant reducing said setup’s noise floor. The rack-mountable, 220-240V-compatible PL-8C E is a perfect example of this, featuring a total of 11 outlets — 10 on the rear panel, and one on the front panel for convenience — that are all isolated to minimise inter-component interference and noise contamination, together with a wealth of other features.

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  1. Furman PL-8C E
    Furman PL-8C E
  2. Furman PL-PLUS C E
    Furman PL-PLUS C E
  3. Furman PL-PRO DMC E
    Furman PL-PRO DMC E
  4. Furman PS-8RE-III
    Furman PS-8RE-III
  5. Furman M-10x E, Front
    Furman M-10x E
  6. Furman M-10Lx E, Front
    Furman M-10LX E
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