Musikelectronic Geithain (ME-Geithain) was founded by Joachim Kiesler in the namesake German town of Geithlein at the tender age of 18 back in 1960. Since then, the company has gained a formidable reputation as a developer and manufacturer of high-quality active studio monitors using its MCDS-Coax (Minimum Colouration Directivity Steering-Coax) coaxial technology. According to Geithain, having the sound radiate from one point results in a homogeneous and neutral colouration sound pattern with localised sound and sound staging beyond compare, as well as producing a non-fatiguing listening experience.

Active loudspeakers in the company’s extensive Studio Monitoring Systems lineup range from the compact and bijou MO-1 — a two-way coaxial loudspeaker in a vented box developed for nearfield monitoring suited to small OB (outside broadcast) vehicles and small rooms — to the top-of-the-range RL 901K and RL 801K, an all-round main control room monitor for large audio, video, and film studios, its active three-way high-performance design suited to listening distances of between 3m and 6m.

New additions include the RL 930K, an all-round main studio monitor for medium-sized audio, video, and film studios, featuring three vertically arranged one-tweeters positioned in front of the bass/midrange system, with low and mid frequencies handled by a specially developed 10-inch cone loudspeaker — suited to listening distances of between 2.5m and 5m, and the similarly-designed RL 941, featuring a specially developed eight-inch cone loudspeaker, suited to listening distances of between 2.5m and 4m.

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  1. Geithain Basis 11K
    Geithain Basis 11K
    £2,850.00 £2,375.00
  2. Geithain BASIS 14K
    Geithain BASIS 14K
    £3,678.00 £3,065.00
  3. Geithain MO-1 (Pair)
    Geithain MO-1 (Pair)
    £1,332.00 £1,110.00
  4. Geithain RL 922 K1
    Geithain RL 922 K1 (Pair)
    £9,984.00 £8,320.00
  5. Geithain RL 930
    Geithain RL 930 (Pair)
    £6,976.80 £5,814.00
  6. Geithain RL 930 K
    Geithain RL 930 K (Pair)
    £7,581.60 £6,318.00
  7. Geithain RL 933 K
    Geithain RL 933 K (Pair)
    £9,492.00 £7,910.00
  8. Geithain RL 933 K1
    Geithain RL 933 K1 (Pair)
    £9,909.60 £8,258.00
  9. Geithain RL 934K
    Geithain RL 934K
    £9,360.00 £7,800.00
  10. Geithain RL 934K1
    Geithain RL 934K1
    £9,775.20 £8,146.00
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