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Gem Audio Labs

Polish pro audio manufacturer Gem Audio Labs — formerly known as Generic Audio — produces the highest quality studio equipment for creative recording engineers and musicians. The Wroclaw-based company collectively views itself as a big fan of pro audio devices, first and foremost, and aims to satisfy the most sophisticated sound expectations with its own high-flying range of outboard. All of its products are assembled and calibrated by hand using the highest quality components, rapidly resulting in recognition for their superlative sonic performance attributes and rock-solid build quality that is never compromised to meet a price point.

Today Gem Audio Labs has four products to its respected name — namely, the 3U PRECEPTOR model-T, a so-called ‘transparent’ version of its stereo/dual mono Zener compressor/limiter with gain reduction handled by a discrete VCA design based on Zener diodes and bipolar transistors together with Carnhill signal transformers; 3U PRECEPTOR model-A, a so-called ‘aggressive’ version of the PRECEPTOR model-T with a Speed switch that affects Attack and Release times (whereas the same switch only affects Attack on the PRECEPTOR model-T); 2U COMPACTOR stereo/dual mono Zener compressor/limiter with fewer options and controls than both PRECEPTOR models (fixed 2:1 compression ratio, and limiting modelled on the ‘holy grail’ Fairchild 660); and 2U SCULPTOR discrete preamp with EQ (combination of active and passive topologies for each filter section) and peak limiter (unique analogue brickwall solution with variable threshold and two limiting modes).

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