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Finnish multi-award-winning active speakers and speaker systems specialist Genelec needs little in the way of introduction with consummate commitment to professional audio monitoring research and development dating back to 1978. Indeed, Genelec pioneered the active loudspeaker concept in which integrated power amplifiers and active crossover circuitry are used to create a sound that is accurate, powerful, and low in distortion.

Genelec has a formidable range of nearfield, midfield, main monitors, and subwoofers designed for demanding professional use. Its Smart Active Monitors (SAMs) are capable of automatically adapting to acoustical environments and correcting for levels, delays, and room calibration. A SAM system can be controlled with digital networking, enabling highly-flexible, computer-controlled systems to be created. The acoustical features of SAMs can even be optimised with software calibration features for different working styles or client demands, reflecting the most advanced monitoring system features available in the audio industry — according to Genelec.

The 8010 is the newest and smallest member of the 8000 product range, widely used in broadcast, music, and post-production studios across the world. Featuring a balanced XLR input, three-inch bass driver, 3/4-inch tweeter, and an efficient Class D power amplifier for each driver, the 8010 produces a sound pressure level that belies its compact size — perfect for small studios and OB vans, as well as portable recording devices and other mobile production work. Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) circuitry saves energy by automatically putting the monitor to sleep when audio signals are absent for a while (ready to automatically wake up again as soon as a signal is detected).

At the other end of the monitoring scale — weighing in at 142Kg, no less, the 1035B is an extremely powerful monitoring system designed for large control rooms, comprising a 600-litre speaker enclosure and a 19-inch electronics rack housing active crossovers, three-channel power amplifiers, and sophisticated protection and diagnostic circuitry. Designed for flush mounting in a control room wall (though they can also be used in a free-standing capacity), these speakers can produce sound peak pressure levels in excess of 136dB!

Genelec also produce a range of active loudspeakers for AV Install, and, more recently, have moved into the music creation sector with its award-winning M Series of active monitors balancing cost effectiveness with professional sound quality.

Genelec’s professional user base is extensive, including, appropriately, Nightwish — Finland’s most successful band with more than seven-million records sold worldwide — and legendary record producer Jack Douglas, to name but two prominent examples.

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