Grace Design

Located in Boulder, Colorado, Grace Design was officially established by brothers Michael and Eben Grace — the former an engineering school dropout, the latter an accomplished guitar player — in 1994 to begin production of the original m801 microphone preamplifier, an eight-channel high-fidelity design that coincided with the onset of DAW recording and consequently became an industry standard device. Many years later, following a near-flawless service record and much critical acclaim to boot, the original design received a well-thought-through makeover to become the current m801 microphone preamplifier, complete with an updated audio path, new stainless steel chassis, and, of course, a new name!

Yet the company’s stated goals remain the same: to design, engineer, and build timeless audio products which enhance the user’s ability to capture, relate, and understand the musical experience. Indeed, its designs are always optimised for music and tested by ear, the most sensitive test instrument available — according to the Grace brothers themselves.

In addition to its eight-model-strong lineup of mic preamps, Grace Design’s product range additionally encompasses monitoring — the m905 REFERENCE MONITOR CONTROLLER representing its second-generation stereo monitor controller, engineered from the ground up to provide unrivalled sonic purity with a comprehensive and powerful feature set with DAC performance on a par with the finest esoteric mastering equipment available; high-fidelity optical compressors — its m502 is an API 500-Series compatible rack module; and the Spacebar modular microphone positioning system for Decca Tree, Blumlein, Surround Tree, or AB configurations.

The Grace Design client list makes for impressive reading, and includes Gateway Mastering supremo Bob Ludwig, Skywalker Sound, and Hollywood film scorer Danny Elfman amongst many pro audio luminaries.

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  1. Grace Design M101 Mic Preamp
    Grace Design M101 Mic Preamp
  2. Grace Design M103
    Grace Design M103
  3. Grace Design M108
    Grace Design m108
  4. Grace Design m201 mk2
    Grace Design m201 mkII
  5. Grace Design M501
    Grace Design M501
  6. Grace Designs m801 mkII
    Grace Design m801 mkII
  7. Grace Designs m900
    Grace Design M900
  8. Grace Design m905 Analog
    Grace Design m905 Analog
  9. Grace Design M905 Monitor Controller
    Grace Design m905 Monitor Controller
  10. Grace Designs m908
    Grace Design M908
  11. Grace Design SB-30
    Grace Design SB-30
  12. Grace Design SB-66
    Grace Design SB-66
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