Great River

Located on the banks of the Upper Mississippi River, South Saint Paul, Minnesota-based Great River Electronics’ co-founder Dan Kennedy first began designing mic preamps to solve noise problems associated with recording orchestral music using ribbon mics. Today the company designs and builds handcrafted quality audio recording tools, all of which undergo extensive research, development, and fine-tuning to meet and exceed the needs of audio professionals.

A move into manufacturing API 500-Series format modules was, perhaps, inevitable, starting with the MP-500NV, a professional-quality mic pre-amp designed to recreate sonic characteristics of early Seventies large consoles thanks to its classic Seventies vintage British circuit styling. Designed to fit into a 500-Series rack using two available slots, the unit is equipped with a Hi-Z instrument jack with a dedicated input amp designed for DI applications; all other specs and performance — including adjustable gain stages (input in 5dB steps to 60dB; output from -25 to +10dB; two to three stages of single-ended solid state amp gain blocks; high-current 70mA Class A bias on output); input and output meters on each channel); polarity, phantom power, input impedance (1200/300Ω), and output loading (600Ω resistor) front panel switches; high-quality, custom-wound Sowter transformers; and gold-plated switching contacts — are identical to the company’s NV series of preamps… bar its dimensions, weight, patch jack, and -10dBv output.

Moving on to bigger — if not necessarily better — things, the new MEQ-1NV cleverly combines the ME-1NV single-channel mic preamp (achieving new classic performance status with two discrete Class-A gain stages) with the EQ-1NV single-channel equaliser (offering similar topology to vintage 1081/1083 models, but with welcome improvements) as a factory-assembled 1U rackmount (using its available-to-buy RK-2 Dual Channel Kit).

Bigger still, the 2U MAQ-2V STEREO MASTERING EQUALIZER is a perfect example of the company’s ‘full-size’ offerings, a digitally-controlled analogue parametric EQ offering similar topologies to vintage 1081/1083 models, but with welcome improvements like newly-designed Class-A discrete single-ended amplifiers and true inductor/capacitor (L/C) circuitry to add greater clarity and dynamic range to the dynamic range of vintage-era models.

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  1. Great River 32EQ
    Great River 32EQ
  2. Great River EQ-1NV
    Great River EQ-1NV
  3. Great River EQ-2NV
    Great River EQ-2NV
  4. Great River MAQ-2NV Mastering EQ
    Great River MAQ-2NV Mastering EQ
  5. Great River ME-1NV
    Great River ME-1NV
  6. Great River MEQ-1NV
    Great River MEQ-1NV
  7. Great River MP-2NV
    Great River MP-2NV
  8. Great River MP-500NV - 500 series mic-pre module
    Great River MP-500NV - 500 series mic-pre module
  9. Great River PWM-501 500-Series Compressor and Limiter
    Great River PWM-501 500-Series Compressor and Limiter
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