Dick Swettenham came to prominence through his tenure at The EMI owned Abbey Road and Olympic studios as their in-house service and design engineer in the 1960s. Whilst working at Olympic in the 1970s, Dick mentioned to the owners he could design and build a mixing console that far outperformed their current boards.

So loved was this console, that soon after, Helios Electronics was formed and Dick began making consoles for all the great and good in the recording industry.

In the late 1980s Tony Arnold, an avid 'collector' of Helios consoles became close to Dick, who gave him as many schematic files as he could, and endorsed him to service Helios products.

Eventually Tony purchased Helios Electronics Ltd and runs it to this day. He has produced three dearly loved and meticulously re-created products - the Helios 1r Type 69 Pre/EQ, a 500 series module based on the same circuits (the Helios Type 69-500) and the F760 compressor. All these are faithful and lovingly made as closely as possible to the original Dick Swettenham designs.

The original Olympic designed audio circuits have been used on countless hit records, and are adored by all who used them. These new releases are as close as anyone could ever get to them, and are now revered just as they used to be.

Tony knew Dick well, and stresses that this design genius never cared much about money or business, but was just a passionate audio guy, wanting the world to sound better. Tony continues this venerable tradition with the Type 69 re-creations, and we urge you try them and see what all the fuss is about. 

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