Herman Miller

Herman Miller was a West Michigan-based businessman who helped his son-in-law buy the Michigan Star Furniture Company back in 1923. By the mid-20th Century the Herman Miller name had become synonymous with ‘modern’ furniture, producing pieces that became industrial design classics. Arguably nowhere has this become more apparent than in the increasingly diverging worlds of audio and post-production, where the Aeron chair reigns supreme. Indeed, the Aeron chair did not end up in New York’s Museum Of Modern Art’s permanent collection simply because it looks cool, but rather the fact that its imaginative and distinctive design, fast-forward ergonomics — adaptable to all sizes and shapes — effectively redefined the work chair by providing healthy comfort and balanced body support with its innovative suspension and easy-to-use adjustment controls. Indeed, it is probably the only office chair in the world that so many people can identify by name!

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  1. Herman Miller Aeron Chair
    Herman Miller Aeron Chair
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