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IGS Audio

Polish pro audio company IGS Audio manufactures a range of compressors, preamps, EQs, summing amps, microphones, as well as offering API 500 Series format-compatibility with its ONE LA 500 (opto-compressor), TUBECORE 500 (symmetric transformer-balanced compressor), PHOTON 500 (opto-compressor), ALTER 500 (FET compressor), VANAD 500 (mic/instrument preamp), RUBBER BANDS 500 (passive EQ), and S-TYPE 500 (VCA compressor) API 500 Series format-compatible modules — together with the recently-released R8 OKC (One Knob Control) 500 total recall system.

Of course, compressors are also a staple of the IGS Audio brand itself, including the rack-mountable Tubecore. Designed as a mastering compressor, it is built into a spacious 3U enclosure to facilitate both front panel clarity and allow access to the tubes themselves. Indeed, tube replacement is central to the Tubecore design, allowing users to decide how the device should sound by changing the tubes to achieve ‘standard’ compression (using a standard set of EN1P-EW tubes); tight, transparent, punchy compression (courtesy of 6BC8A/6BZ8 tubes); ‘legendary’ compression (using 6386 twin-triode tubes); or deep and dark tube compression (with 5670 tubes). Other notable features include HPF sidechain, M/S (mid/side) processing, and a wet/dry mixer — all with stepped switches.

Elsewhere in the recording chain, the IGS Gold Mic is a large-diaphragm tube microphone referencing the structure of the Neumann U47 and AKG C12 while also being inspired by the Telefunken ELA M 251 design. The microphone is built on the one-inch Thiersch STW7 capsule, which is a direct descendant of the legendary Neumann M7 design. High-class Philips 1nF and SCR 4u7/250V capacitors, Lundahl 1538 output transformer, and Philips EF80 tube (or Telefunken EF86 tube) all conspire to produce a very close, modern, bright, detailed, heavily-saturated sound suited to recording vocals and acoustic guitar or even double bass, while a generous three-year warranty on all products further bolsters confidence.

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Items found 23

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