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Inward Connections

Inward Connections was originally established in 1987 by Steve Firlotte, bringing years of pro audio experience to designing his own line of products for discerning professionals, starting with the Vac Rack modular processing system, which included the TLM-1 (Tube Limiter Module) favoured by many of the world’s top recording engineers. While the modular Vac Rack has since been discontinued, its legacy lives on in the TSL-4 Vac Rack, a standalone dual-channel tube limiter with new features complimenting the still-revered sound of the original — namely, smooth limiting and tube warmth working in perfect harmony. Inward Connections also offers the TSL-4V Vac Rack, a special order version of the TSL-4 Vac Rack with hand-selected and factory-fitted NOS tubes (subject to availability). The Vac Rack has been called the ‘Holy Grail’ of compressors, and, as such, its user base includes production luminaries like Chris Lord-Alge.

With its fully-discrete MIX 690 summing mixer, Inward Connections also cater to those seeking to possibly improve their mixes through analogue summing, a solution to potential problems associated with DAW recording, whereby summing tracks digitally can be said to sound cold or harsh, whereas taking individual tracks (or groups of tracks) out of the digital domain and then summing them together in an analogue console or — more affordably — an analogue summing box and then taking that final stereo analogue signal and bringing into the computer as the final stereo mix supposedly sounds warmer and wider. With the MIX 690, everything sounds very large and fat, while still retaining clarity and detail in the high end with a punchy and perceptually loud midrange adding excitement to the mix. 16 Line inputs with pan on each channel, insert with bypass on the stereo bus, stereo master level pot, stereo meters, and 20 instances of John Hall’s infamous Inward 690 Op-Amp completes its impressive feature list.

Inward Connections’ professional user base is equally impressive, including musicians Lenny Kravitz, Eddie Kramer, and John Hiatt, amongst many others.

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