Canadian company IsoAcoustics is known and respected for its award-winning range of adjustable audio speaker stands that provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of any speakers, including studio monitors. Dave Morrison, a 20-year-veteran of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is the driving force behind IsoAcoustics, having been part of the design team faced with the challenges of building the world’s largest multimedia centre in Toronto with recording studios for drama, music, and chamber ensembles, special effects, radio, and television shows.

The resulting IsoAcousticsISO-L8R155 speaker stand lineup is recognised in many circles as being the best speaker stand in the world, providing greater sound clarity, tighter bass, and more openness in the midrange. It is available in three sizes, each being optimised to get the most from the speaker system that the user is using; indeed, IsoAcoustics even provide convenient charts — both imperial and metric — online to show the recommended ISO-L8R155 size for most manufacturers’ monitor ranges.

All ISO-L8R155 speaker stands are comprised of top and bottom elements, with the ability to adjust the height and tilt angle of the supported speaker enclosure to optimise its position relative to the listener. The unique patented design supports PIF (Placement Isolation Focus) principals in acoustic design, preventing transfer of speaker cabinet energy to surrounding surfaces and allowing the speaker to perform in a free space to sound the way it was intended, resulting in a more accurate, satisfying sound, which makes mixing a better experience. Grammy Award-winning engineer Vance Powell, Chief Engineer at premier Nashville recording studio Blackbird is certainly convinced. Quite frankly, to hear them in action is to want them!

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  1. Argosy Spire 360Xi
    Argosy Spire 360Xi (Pair)
  2. Argosy Spire 420Xi
    Argosy Spire 420Xi (Pair)
  3. IsoAcoustics / Argosy Spire 420i (Pair)
    IsoAcoustics / Argosy Spire 420i (Pair)
  4. IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Small Studio Monitor Isolators
    IsoAcoustics ISO-130 Small Studio Monitor Isolators
  5. IsoAcoustics ISO-155 Speaker Stand (Pair)
    IsoAcoustics ISO-155 Speaker Stand (Pair)
  6. IsoAcoustics ISO-200 Speaker Stand (Pair)
    IsoAcoustics ISO-200 Speaker Stand (Pair)
  7. IsoAcoustics Iso-200 Sub
    IsoAcoustics Iso-200 Sub
  8. IsoAcoustics ISO-430 Studio Monitor Isolator
    IsoAcoustics ISO-430 Studio Monitor Isolator
  9. IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck (set of 2)
    IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck (Set of 2)
  10. IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck 76
    IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck 76 (set of 2)
  11. IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck Mini
    IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck Mini (Set of 8)
  12. IsoAcoustics Iso-200 Sub
    IsoAcoustics V120
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