Little Labs

Little Labs


Little Labs is a boutique manufacturer of unusual yet extremely useful and great sounding studio tools.

Started in 1988 by Jonathan Little, Little Labs first released the Lmnopre mic preamp with intriguing features such as phase degree adjustments and bass resonance control. These unique appointments also became units of their own like the Little Labs IBP or In Between Phase unit and VOG Analogue Bass Resonance Tool.

The Little Labs IBP is a phase alignment tool designed to align the signal for maximum impact and reducing hollow sounds in a multi-microphone setup.  It rapidly became a necessary tool in studios not only to fix issues but also as a creative tool for tone shaping.  

Following the IBP, Little Labs released the VOG Analogue Bass Resonance. The VOG (or Voice of God) is a very unique unit using really sharp resonance to enhance the tonal frequency of the bass. It is most often used on bass guitars and kick drums, but also on voiceovers, giving the vocals the weight often lost at the recording stage, and classical recordings to add presence to the low-end register such as the timpani.

Another Problem solver, the Red Eye 3D Recording Tool is a DI/Re-amping kit/Splitter, a do-it-all box delivering outstanding performance and a great tool for recording guitar, bass and more. With the popularity of re-amping after recording, the Red Eye 3D has become a must-have tool for all studios.

Other units include the Little Labs PCP, an instrument distribution setup allowing the splitting of an instrument signal into three, the Redcloud an eight-channel balanced attenuator pack. Little Labs has also partnered with Universal Audio to deliver two of his most popular designs the IBP and VOG as plug-ins on the UAD-2 DSP platform. 

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  1. Little Labs I-Vog
    Little Labs I-Vog
  2. Little Labs IBP
    Little Labs IBP
  3. Little Labs IBP Junior
    Little Labs IBP Junior
  4. Little Labs LL2A Compressor / Limiter
    Little Labs LL2A Compressor / Limiter
  5. Little Labs Monotor Headphone Amp
    Little Labs Monotor Headphone Amp
  6. Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro
    Little Labs PCP Instrument Distro
  7. Little Labs Pepper
    Little Labs Pepper
  8. Little Labs Rakl - Little Rackit
    Little Labs Rakl - Little Rackit
  9. Little Labs Red Eye3d
    Little Labs Red Eye3d
  10. Little Labs Redcloud 8-channel Attenuator, Front
    Little Labs Redcloud 8-channel Attenuator
  11. Little Labs STD
    Little Labs STD
  12. Little Labs VOG
    Little Labs VOG
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