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Maag Audio

Maag Audio is a small manufacturer of boutique studio equipment including 500-series mic preamps and EQ.

Founded by Cliff Maag his two sons and Travis Allen, Maag Audio build on the success of previous designs for NTI and Nightpro. The NTI EQ3, Nightpro PreQ3 and EQ3D became very successful and introduced the AIR Band, a Shelf Boost EQ of the high frequency starting from 2.5 kHz all the way up to 40 kHz.

Maag Audio’s EQ4 and PreQ4 also feature the much beloved Air Band and deliver the same sonic colouration as their ancestors but for the 500-series format. Great for vocals, the PreQ4 is capable of adding presence naturally without harshness and is a favourite for many engineers. 

The Maag Audio EQ4 features in addition to the popular Air Band a 3-band EQ producing almost no phase shift at all.  As a result the EQ4 is capable of sounding really precise reproducing almost exactly the sound coming in with no smearing of the image. The Maag Audio EQ4 has become really popular on transient instruments like kick and snare drums, but also on the 2-bus as a gentle lifter of the “Air Band” or to boost sub-sonic information.

Striving for the ultimate quality and with 35 years of audio engineering behind their designs, Maag Audio’s EQ4 and PreQ4 are the perfect companion for all engineers and producers.

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