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Malekko Heavy Industry

Malekko Heavy Industry are an American manufacturer of Eurorack Modules and Guitar Effects Pedals.

Based in Portland Oregon, Malekko are owned and operated by Josh Holley and Paul Barker both industry mogals and musicians. The guys made a name for themselves by producing cult followed and adored stompboxes, models include B:ASSMASTER, COMP, DIABOLIK and more.

Recently the company expanded into the Eurorack market, offering unique designs and concepts for the modular musician.

The first modules released from the Malekko camp were made in conjunction with the WIARD synth company headed up by Grant Richter... thus the Richter range of modules was born.

The Eurorack range includes XMIX, Boogie, Borg Filter, Oscillator II, Mute 4 and a plethora of utilities and tools for modular music makers.

We advertise the complete Malekko Heavy Industry range and regularly have demonstration stock available in our London showroom.

For more information, please click online or call us for expert advice.

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