Manikin Electronics

Manikin Electronic are a German based designer and manufacturer of high quality electronic instruments, sequencers and accessories.

Primarily known for the Memotron​ a digital replication of the classic Mellotron. Manikin are also responsible for the Schrittmacher a powerful step sequencer designed for both studio and live.

Memotron is available in three configurations; Memotron keyboard, Memotron rack and M2D. Each offers acces the classic Mellotron sound by using digital sample synthesis as opposed to the traditional tapes found on the original.

Schrittmacher is a highly configurable 16-step MIDI sequencer and offers access to a huge range of sequencing potential.

We advertise the complete Manikin range online and can provide expert advice. For more information click online or call us today.

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  1. Manikin Electronic Memotron
    Manikin Electronic Memotron m2k
  2. Schrittmacher Sequencer
    Manikin Electronics Schrittmacher
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