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Manley Laboratories or Manley is somewhat of an iconic manufacturer for producers, recording, mixing and mastering engineers alike, synonymous with superb sound and great quality equipment.

All manufactured in the US, over the years, Manley has produced some of the most iconic valve-based audio gear including audio compressors, audio equalizers, mic preamps, professional microphones, tube summing mixers and more. Their most popular product is undoubtedly the Massive Passive, a 4-band all-valve passive equalizer. With different versions for mixing and mastering, the Massive Passive can be found in most of the best studios in the world. Other popular EQ from Manley include the Manley Enhanced Pultec EQP-1A and the all valve Manley Enhanced Pultec Mid Frequency EQ, two EQs following recreating the original Pultec designs.

Following an all-valve approach to designing audio equipment, Manley has also created valve compressors including their extremely popular stereo Variable MU  Compressor Limiter, the ELOP optical limiter and SLAM!, a stereo limiter with mic pres. The Stereo Variable MU compressor has become really popular for its ability to sound transparent even when compressed hard, while the SLAM! offers the best of optical compression and FET compression into a single box to get things LOUD (really loud!). 

Continuing their quest for incredible sound and tube equipment Manley designed the Manley Reference Gold microphone, a valve microphone conceived to capture the purest and most musical sound possible and the Manley Voxbox, a channel strip specifically designed for tracking vocals offering passive equalisation, de-essing, compression and more.

Other tools include the Manley 16x2 or 24x2 all-tube summing mixers, the Backbone insert switcher for mastering and  the Micmaid, a 4x4 mic pre switcher.

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