Maselec is the brain child of Leif Mases, legendary audio engineer who worked with the likes of ABBA, Black Sabbath, Jeff Beck, Led Zeppelin and many more. His experience and quest for ultimate sound, has lead him to design some uncompromising tools for recording, mixing and mastering.

Since its creation, Maselec has developed a comprehensive range of high quality analogue processors designed to offer precision, transparency and program-dependent effectiveness, ranging from mastering-grade audio equalizers, audio compressors and limiters, mic preamps as well as dedicated mastering consoles and digital audio converters.

The Maselec MEA-2 is a highly regarded mastering equalizer offering four bands per channel, offering ultimate sonic performance, musicality and precision, making it the go to for analogue surgical equalisation or small delicate enhancements.

Another favourite among mastering engineers and the ideal companion to the Maselec MEA-2, is the Maselec MLA-2 compressor and limiter which delivers subtle compression, optimum transparency and low-noise performance. It employs a non-VCA design and uses a fixed threshold design where the input gain controls the amount of compression happening. Maselec also designed the MLA-3 a 3-band compressor offering precise controls and exceptionally accurate summing of the three bands.

Completing the Masters Series, distributed and manufactured by Prism Sound, the AD-2 stereo analogue to digital converter and the DA-2 stereo digital to analogue converter, are designed to provide the most accurate audio rendition of any audio events.

Maselec’s designs also include mastering consoles and routing options offering uncoloured and the purest sound possible. These include the hugely popular MTC-2 Mastering Transfer Console system which comprises three units, the Master Controller, Monitor Controller and Master Router. The MTC-2 forms the core of a mastering setup of the highest order. A cut down version named the MTC-1X is also available performing the core functions of the MTC-2

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  1. Maselec MDS-2
    Maselec MDS-2
  2. Maselec MEA-2 Precision Stereo Equalizer
    Maselec MEA-2
  3. Maselec MLA-4 Multi-Band Compressor and Expander
    Maselec MLA-4
  4. Maselec MPL-2 Peak and HF limiter
    Maselec MPL-2 Peak and HF limiter
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