Mesanovic Microphones

Mesanovic Microphones is a young American manufacturer of handcrafted ribbon microphones based on the outskirt of Detroit with a mission to build high quality ribbon microphones with extended frequencies. All microphones are designed by Deni Mesanovic, founder of Mesanovic Microphones and are the result of extreme care and attention to detail to produce truly beautiful ribbon microphones.

Both offerings, the Model 2 and Model 2S stunning sound with unrivalled high frequency response thanks to a clever short path motor design and resonators which provide a passive acoustic +3dB Boost from 12kHz offering an powerful alternative to condenser microphones.

All microphones are designed using the highest quality material available to ensure optimum performance even after years of extensive use.

We're very proud to bring Mesanovic Microphones to the UK as we feel they offer all the smoothness and richness of ribbon microphones with the natural clarity of high quality condenser microphones.

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  1. KMR Exclusive
    Mesanovic Iso Platform
  2. New Sale
    Mesanovic Microphones Model 2 Ribbon Microphone, Front
    Mesanovic Microphones Model 2 Ribbon Microphone
    £1,069.00 £890.83
  3. Mesanovic Microphones Model 2AS, Top
    Mesanovic Microphones Model 2AS
    £2,249.00 £1,874.17
  4. KMR Exclusive
    Mesanovic SC1
  5. KMR Exclusive
    Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 Gen2
    Mesanovic RTM10 (Pair)
    £7,499.00 £6,249.17
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