Prism Sound


Prism Sound is synonymous with high-end audio equipment from ultra-high quality Digital Audio Converters, Digital Audio Workstations to analogue EQs and compressors.

A British company founded in 1987 by Graham Boswell and Ian Dennis, Prism Sound started working on DSP program for Rupert Neve and Company.  The following years saw Prism Sound develop large commentary solutions for the BBC.

In 1992 Prism Sound created Prism Media Products to develop and sell Prism Sound audio equipment starting with professional analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue converters, rapidly recognised throughout the industry for their transparency. From the extremely flexible ADA-8XR, AD-2 and DA-2 digital audio converters, to the portable Orpheus and Lyra high-quality audio interfaces all Prism Sound have been carefully designed to provide pristine audio quality for musicians, recording and mixing engineers or broadcast.

In 2008, Prism Sound acquired the legendary studio recording software and DSP Hardware Company SADiE and helped develop their high-grade DAW further. Extremely popular in broadcast, mastering, and classical and audiophile recording the SADiE platform has seen many changes over the years and offers a choice of DSP or Native solutions for Windows.

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  1. Prism Sound Atlas Multichannel USB Audio Interface
    Prism Sound Atlas
    £3,594.00 £2,995.00
  2. Prism Sound Atlas Dante
    Prism Sound Atlas Dante
    £4,618.00 £3,848.33
  3. Prism Sound Callia
    Prism Sound Callia
    £2,158.80 £1,799.00
  4. Prism Sound DA-2
    Prism Sound DA-2
    £8,394.00 £6,995.00
  5. Prism Sound Lyra 1
    Prism Sound Lyra 1
    £1,545.00 £1,287.50
  6. Prism Sound Lyra 2
    Prism Sound Lyra 2
    £1,949.00 £1,624.17
  7. Prism Sound Orpheus
    Prism Sound Orpheus
    £2,694.00 £2,245.00
  8. Prism Sound Overkillers
    Prism Sound Overkillers
    £146.40 £122.00
  9. Prism Sound Titan Main
    Prism Sound Titan + HDX MIO Card
    £3,114.00 £2,595.00
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