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Purple Audio

Purple Audio is a US-based boutique manufacturer started by Andrew Roberts in 1997. Roberts started out buying, selling and repairing equipment out of his dorm room while at college in 1994. After a couple of years he joined John Klett's Tech Mecca repair shop in Manhattan where he developed his chops and started to work on high-end kit.  Purple Audio was then born in 1997 with the introduction of their seminal MC77 FET limiter - most would say one of the best 1176 - style compressor!

The company grew and the next 10 years saw Purple involved in desk and analogue tape machine rebuilds while Andrew studied analogue circuit design. With the help of proper worldwide distribution, Purple's products became readily available outside the US with the introduction of the Super 8 modules - original circuits that have found their way into the current Biz 500-Series unit.

2006 saw Purple Audio move to Pennsylvania with a slew of new products in 2007 for the ever-growing 500-Series platform such as the Action FET Compressor, the Cans headphone amp, the Pants mic preamp, and Sweet Ten 500-series rack. 2011 saw another move and factory expansion to keep on top of demand. Purple Audio continues to supply new and exciting products - a future American classic!

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