Roger Quested is synonymous with British speaker design.  He started his career as a renowned studio engineer in the sixties (working with bands including Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin) through to the early eighties - working at Olympic Studios before becoming manager of DJM Studios. He is now a widely acclaimed acoustician, best known for his large format soffit-mounted soft dome tweeter designs.  Quested monitoring systems have been installed in major recording studios throughout the world including Abbey Road, London.  
As demand for his designs increased, Quested Monitoring Systems was formed and in the mid eighties the company introduced the highly regarded H108 passive nearfield monitor using the same soft dome technology found in his larger systems - so successful it is still being manufactured today.  This was followed by an active range in the nineties including the VS2108 and VS3208 active midfield monitors. Further refinement of his soft dome design philosophy has resulted in the S-Series (S-6, S-7 and S-8 active monitors) as well as the V3110 midfield 3-way active studio monitor.  
Based in Devon, Quested are still very much a UK company producing highly successful products based on well-proven technology from a designer with a wealth of experience at the sharp end of studio recording.

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  1. Quested S6R MkIII
    Quested S6R MkIII (Pair)
    £1,488.00 £1,240.00
  2. Quested S7R MkIII (Pair)
    Quested S7R MkIII (Pair)
    £1,680.00 £1,400.00
  3. Quested S8R MkIII (Pair)
    Quested S8R MkIII (Pair)
    £2,379.00 £1,982.50
  4. Quested SB10R
    Quested SB10R - 10" Sub Woofer
    £1,920.00 £1,600.00
  5. Quested V2104 (Pair)
    Quested V2104 (Pair)
    £2,040.00 £1,700.00
  6. Quested V2108 (Pair)
    Quested V2108 (Pair)
    £3,960.00 £3,300.00
  7. Quested V3110 (Pair)
    Quested V3110 (Pair)
    £6,864.00 £5,720.00
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