Radikal Technologies

Radikal Technologies are desginers and manufacturers of high end synthesizers and more recently eurorack modules.

First entering into the market back in 2004 with the Spectralis, Radikal took the synth world by storm, offering what was effectively a complete studio in a box with more synthesis and sequencing capabilities than anything else at the time.

Now over a decade later Radikal have finally recreated the synthesizer that so many lusted over for so long. Spectralis 2 retains all of the sonic arsenal from the original, but further improves on architecture and raw synthesis potential.

Now moving further forward, Radikal have the Accelerator. A 61 note DSP based poly synth more performance and sound design firmly in mind. 3 oscillators per voice, multi-mode filters and a powerful mod matrix.

Jörg is now designing eurorack modules, the first design is an exceptional dual multi mode filter called RT-451 and here's hoping that we see many more.

We advertise the complete Radikal product lineup and regularly have demonstration stock available in our showroom.

For more information click online or call us today for expert advice.

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  1. Radikal Delta Cep A
    Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A Module
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