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Shadow Hills


Behind the Shadow Hills Industries striking 1950's Military styled retro appearance, lies some of the most musical and creative audio production tools available. Shadow Hills is the brainchild of Peter Reardon, and whilst at first glance these tools win you over with their chunky, solid styling and feel, once you plug them in - you're in another world...possibly Peters parallel audio Universe!


The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is their flagship compressor, providing sonic characteristics never heard before. Featuring 3 switchable output Transformers with different audio frequency responses and distortion results based upon which flavour you choose.

The options are NICKEL ( which provides low distortion and a Flat frequency response, but has a boost of 1db at 10kHz ). The second is IRON ( which has more weight and has a 100hz 1db boost ) and finally STEEL which is the most coloured of the 3 with a 40Hz 1db boost.

Prior to the Transformer choice, there is a wonderful Optical Compressor, with Optical Threshold and Gain all on stepped rotary controls. The next section is the Discrete Section which uses a VCA which sits after the Optical compressor, adding extra Bite and sonic style to the sound - if required.

There is a Sidechain HiPass Filter that works on both the Optical and Discrete compressor, and Stereo or Dual-Mono operation tidies up the total control provided by this amazing sounding, (and looking) handmade American piece of audio art.


From the Mastering Compressor design, Shadow Hills have provided the 500-series Optograph Mono Optical Compressor and Stereo Vandergraph VCA Compressor to help achieve the same audio character, but in a simpler format without forgoing the quality. The same can be said about the Rack or 500-series GAMA mic preamps, that both feature the popular switchable Transformer options.

To complete the line-up a new Monitoring Controller called the Oculus, with Wi-fi control, and the excellent Equinox 32 channel Summing Mixer ( which has two GAMA mic preamps alongside the Transformer choices ) means that no matter your requirements - or budget, there could be some Shadow Hills sound ideal for your studio.

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Items found 9

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