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Slate Digital

Slate Digital is Steven's Slate venture into the world of software. Bringing his incredible knowledge and engineering skills into the production software, Steven Slate and Slate Digital have created some incredible tools, contributing greatly to improving the task of working "in the box".

Starting with Slate Digital's Drum Platinum drum collection and Trigger, Steven Slate has brought us powerful tools for replacing drums complemented by some of the best recorded drum samples available. Trigger and Drums Platinum are the perfect tool for replacing badly recorded drums or to augment the sound already recorded.

Slate Digital's second revolution came with FG-X mastering compressor. Designed as a solution to increase the perceive loudness of a song without loss of dynamics, FG-X pushed the boundaries once more, mixing complex algorithms for their distortion, very transparent compression and limiting.

As if it wasn't enough, Slate Digital released their incredibly popular VCC Virtual Console Collection. Emulating 5 of the most celebrated consoles in history, Slate Digital's VCC Virtual Console added the colour, musicality, superior imaging and depth of analogue consoles to mixes done "in the box".

Following shortly after, was Slate's VTM or Virtual Tape Machine, bringing the sound of two of the best tape machines to your computer. From a 2" 16 tracks tape machines to a 1/4" Mastering Tape Machine, the Slate Digital VTM gives you the true sound of tape to your DAW imparting additional musicality to mixing and mastering "in the box".

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Items found 13

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