Zähl is the result of collaboration between engineer and designer Michael Zähl and producer Mark Ernestus. Their first offering was the AM1, a state-of-the-art modular analogue desk which was originally developed by Michael Zähl to Mark Ernestus's specs.


The AM1 is built to order and to specs and features some truly unique features such as an MS matrix at the insert stage of stereo modules and a continuously variable stereo base on Send and Returns. But the success of the Zähl AM1 is in no small part due to the incredible EQ section offering a wide range of tonality and extreme musicality.


As a result, Zähl released the EQ1 a 500-series adaptation of the AM1’s EQ section offering the superb sound to engineers wanting the sound without needing a fully-fledged analogue console. Early adopters include legendary Dj and Techno producer Ricardo Villalobos and Tobi Neumann.