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Variable pattern valve general-purpose microphone hand-built in Germany

The Brauner VM1 is a hand-built, variable-pattern Class A powered valve general-purpose microphone, made in Germany.

Designing the Brauner VM1 has produced a great sounding variable-pattern valve microphone. But when Dirk Brauner set out to re-habilitate the once-common tube-driven microphone, he did set out to build the best and the resulting Brauner VM1 established the Brauner reputation forever.

Enabled to give a clear, uncoloured sound that makes it widely suitable for a wide range of sound sources, the VM1 has established an enviable reputation for its ability to capture acoustic guitars, female vocals and string sections with precision and clarity. Variable pattern response for the Brauner VM1 is delivered from the power supply - allowing incremental and subtle variation of the sound-field pickup, from Omni to Bi-Directional.

Using no semi-conductors, filters or switches in the signal path the Brauner VM1 reproduces sounds without audible phase shifting or distortion from transients.  A Class A microphone amplification stage in the VM-1 ensures linear response and excellent high frequency response.

Dirk Brauner set out to demonstrate the New Way by using the Old Way, with the VM-1. New being cleaner, smoother, more reliable and better suited to the demands of modern recordings, while Old offers the warmth, adaptability and proven track record of a variable-pattern valve-microphone response. With the Brauner VM1, Herr Brauner has achieved a life's ambition.

Brauner VM1 Overview:

  • Equivalent Noise < 11 dB A (IEC651)
  • Signal to Noise > 83 dB (1 Pa/1 kHz-Cardioid)
  • Sensitivity 28 mV / Pa-Cardioid Pattern all, infinitely variable
  • Frequency Range 18 Hz - 24 kHz Maximum SPL 142 dB SPL @ 0,3 %
  • THD Power Supply 115 V or 230 V
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Short DescriptionVariable pattern valve general-purpose microphone hand-built in Germany
Valve / Solid StateValve
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