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Buchla Music Easel-K Analogue Synthesizer

Buchla Music Easel-K Analogue Synthesizer

208 Stored Program Source and a 223e Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input Module and Controller.

Buchla Music Easel K

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The Buchla Music Easel-K is another take on Don Buchla's iconic portable additive analogue synthesizer box, comprising of a 208 Stored Program Source and a 223e Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input Module and Controller.

The Easel was designed by Don Buchla, to provide musicians with a portable system that contained all the essential components of a full Buchla modular system. The resulting system was the 208 stored program source, a complex additive system, that's capable of a wide array of timbres, tones, rhythms, and textures.

One of the things that makes the 208 so unique is its ability to "store" presets, via its expansion input. That can be done by using the preset cards, where the user defines the functionality by soldering in the appropriate resistors and the such to the preset card, or by using the new iProgram Card which does the same, but provides preset storage and forgoes the soldering!

The Easel is an iconic piece of synthesis history, the Easel-K packs in all of the iconic Buchla tone, but includes the 223e instead of the 218 touchplate keyboard. The K system provides a layout of stored voltages across a tactile playing surface, which can be manipulated to control the 208 system in some highly unique ways.

The 223e provides 27 touch plates, with a huge array of options of mapping sensitivity, pressure and position. These messages can be translated into pitch, pulses, arpeggiations and much more. The 223e extends the functionality of the Easel architecture and gives you even more tools to creating otherworldy sound and tones.

The main features of the Buchla Music Easel K include

Iconic additive analogue synthesizer in a self-contained system

Includes a variety of Banana patch cables

Ships with PSU & Preset cards

Iconic Buchla sound


Short Description The Buchla Music Easel-K is a new take on the standard Music Easel layout, it includes the same synthesis engine but instead of having the familiar 218 touchplate keyboard, it includes the 223e Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input Controller.
Demo in Store No
Manufacturer Buchla
Synth Engine Type No
Built-in FX No
Number of Inputs No
Number of Outputs No
Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

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