Burl B32 Vancouver

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32 Channel Stereo Mix Bus. All discrete Class A.

The Burl B32 Vancouver is a 1U rack-mounted Class A 32 channel analogue summing bus with a switchable nickel transformer option.

With the Burl B32 Vancouver, you can select eight mono Inputs or 24 stereo inputs to give your digital recordings that true analogue sound and separation that analogue console provide. Burl has made its name by concentrating on the clarity and purity of tone that comes from its careful component selection and by trusting the ears of its experienced audio engineers when designing the B32 Vancouver.

Signal paths are kept to a minimum on the Burl Vancouver, with no capacitors in line and Class A circuitry throughout - for the cleanest, most transparent sound. Two innovative touches on the otherwise plain-fronted B32 Vancouver allow selection of the BX5 nickel core transformer to add greater warmth and a fuller sound to your recordings and a +6dB Gain button to drive your mixes that little bit harder - and let you hear what you've been missing since you stopped mixing onto a two-track tape recorder.

Neat, well thought-out and flexible the BURL B32 Vancouver brings your recordings to life.

Burl B32 Vancouver Overview:

  • Discrete, class-A signal path
  • 8 mono inputs, 24 stereo inputs
  • Audiophile 0.1% stepped attenuators
  • Switchable BX5 output transformer
  • Summing amp GAIN BOOST
  • Dual stereo outputs
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Short Description 32 Channel Stereo Mix Bus. All discrete Class A.
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Manufacturer Burl
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