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Crane Song Spider & Egret Bundle

Crane Song Spider & Egret Bundle

Ultimate Crane Song Front End and Summing Solution

Crane Song Spider + Egret - Front
Crane Song Spider + Egret - Front Crane Song Spider - Front Crane Song Spider - Rear Crane Song Egret - Front High

Crane Song Spider & Egret Bundle

Ex. VAT: £7,750.00 Inc. VAT: £9,300.00

Price as configured: Inc. VAT: £7,750.00 Ex. VAT: £7,750.00

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8 Channel AD & DA from legendary desginer Dave Hill, and much much more besides. ...

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The Crane Song SPIDER is a truly unique Class-A design, offering 8 channel tracking, mixing and summing with Analog colouration and Dither.

It has 8 Mic/Line pre-amps with up to 66db of gain, in 6db steps with an insert point on each channel and Low Cut filter at 80Hz. There is a FAT switch on each channel, which provides a different Valve type sound, creating mainly 2nd Harmonics ( with some 3rd ) into the signal.

A peak Limiter is on every channel activated by a front panel switch on each channel, and is in front of the A/D path.

The 8 channel Digital section has clocking up to 192k and a Crane Song designed Dither which is generated by Analog means.

The final stage is the DSP Tape Emulation, which is the same as in the HEDD192 as well as the SPIDER design. This is on a channel by channel basis, and provides a way to have Analog Tape sound on the Digital channels.

Amazing, original design from Dave Hill with audiophile quality and perfect front end for any DAW system.


Crane Song SPIDER Features:

  • 8 Mic/Line Pre-amps
  • 8 Limiters
  • 8 Fat Harmonic Distortion Buttons
  • Insert points on each channel
  • Variable per track Tape Saturation
  • 8 individual or stereo digital outputs
  • Individual and Stereo metering
  • Stereo limiter
  • Channel Phase, Mute and Pan
  • Stereo Master Fader and Stereo Tape Saturation
  • Crane Song Dither
  • Separate PSU 2u
  • 4u 19" Rack
  • Made in U.S.A.  

The Crane Song Egret is an incredibly flexible eight-channel Digital-to-Analogue converter featuring colour controls and a Class A stereo channel mixer designed to breathe life to digital mixes.

The Crane Song Egret connects to your DAW digitally via AES or ADAT offering superior conversion jitter rejection up to 192kHz and works asynchronously via AES, meaning that different sample rates can be used at the same time.

For example if you are connecting several different digital sources with different sample rates, the Egret will automatically convert the signal to the desired sample rate. Each channel of the Crane Song Egret is routed to a Class A analogue stereo line mixer offering in addition to pristine conversion, the possibility to use it as a summing mixer or a backend to your DAW.

Each channel also features controls over level, pan, aux send (post), and colour. The Crane Song Egret’s colour option imparts a tape-esque sound for each of the eight channels with a complex mix of second and third harmonics. From clean and modern to rich and vintage, the colour knob offers a wide range of tonalities that can be mixed and matched.

Extremely flexible, the Crane Song Egret can also accommodate external processing such as a compressor or EQ by inserting the processor of choice between the balanced direct outputs and inputs. Moreover, The SRC switch can be used to bypass the sample rate conversion for situations where latency is necessary such as tracking instruments. The Crane Song Egret is also scalable and can be connected to Crane Song’s Spider with a special cable for summing additional inputs while mixing.

Crane Song Egret D/A Converter and Summing Mixer Features :

  • Latest Crane Song Quantum D/A Converter
  • 8-Channels of DA conversion via AES/EBU (single wire) supporting up to 192k or via ADAT (S/MUX compatible at sample rates up to 96k)
  • Aux Send on every channel with Aux Return in master section - great for adding reverb
  • Colour control to add a harmonic distortion to taste
  • Class A Stereo line mixer for summing application
  • Shipping Weight: 19 lbs. (8.6 kg)
  • Depth Behind Panel: 12.5 inches (31.75 cm) plus cabling
  • Panel Height: 2 rack spaces
  • Made in U.S.A.
Short Description 8 Channel AD & DA from legendary desginer Dave Hill, and much much more besides.
Demo in Store No
Exclusive N/A
Manufacturer Crane Song
Height No
Depth No
Width No
Type No
Channels No
Line Inputs No
Main Outputs No
Channel Inserts No
Built-in FX No
Talkback No
Automation No
Computer Connection No
Rackmountable No

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