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Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Hybrid Monophonic Synthesizer

Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Hybrid Monophonic Synthesizer

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Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 Hybrid Monophonic Synthesizer

The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 is a 37-key next-generation hybrid monophonic synthesizer combining classic legendary analogue synthesizer design and cutting-edge digital technology.

The Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 is one of the most powerful mono synth available featuring no less than four high resolution digital oscillators and a sub oscillator producing anything from classic to complex waveforms which can be used to frequency- or amplitude- modulate each other to produce harmonically rich FM or AM sounds. In addition each oscillator features a set of character controls offering HF and LF boost, bit and sample rate reduction and tape saturation emulation adding further richness and character.

Inspired by the Prophet 12, the Pro 2 boasts some unique features such as the all-new dual analogue filter design comprising a 4-pole low-pass filter inspired by the original Prophet 5 filter and a continuously state variable design inspired by the Oberheim SEM covering low-pass, notch, high-pass filtering and band-pass. The filters can be used in series or in parallel or anywhere in between.

The Pro 2 also boasts an extremely powerful and flexible 16 tracks and 32-step sequencer which is also incredibly easy to use. The sequencer offers real-time input, rests, variable-length sequences and syncs to MIDI clock and external audio input. Sequence tracks can control any parameter found in the Pro2’s modulation matrix.

Four CV In and Out and a CV/Gate output are included opening the Pro-2 to the world of modular synthesizers. Control Voltages can be assigned and routed in the modulation matrix and can be used for extreme modulation effects when run at audio rates. The Pro-2 is the ideal centre of a studio or live setup with Oscillators, LFOs, envelopes and sequencer tracks sent to the CV outputs.

The Pro-2 is already quite impressive, but adding three digital delays with pan, a digital bucket brigade delay (think Moog) sends this mono synth to a whole new level. Four loopable five stage envelopes (ADHSR), four Syncable LFOs with Slew and phase offset as well as a fully featured arpegiator all accessible via the sixteen slot modulation matrix with a dozens of modulation sources and destinations.

The Pro-2 is possible the most impressive mono synth yet, but it can also work as a four-voice paraphonic with each oscillator and their envelope individually controlled.

The keyboard features 3 and half octaves of semi-weighted keys with velocity and channel aftertouch. Two backlit pitch and mod wheels are also included with two location and pressure sensitive touch sliders.

Short Description 37-key Hybrid Monophonic Synthesizer with four high-resolution digital oscillators, one sub oscillator, dual analogue filter, 32-step sequencer, CV In/Out and CV Gate
Demo in Store N/A
Manufacturer Dave Smith Instruments
Old Price N/A
Synth Engine Type No
Built-in FX No
Number of Inputs No
Number of Outputs No
Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

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