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We consider our showrooms to be the best demonstration facilities in Europe. We have the finest outboard, microphones, monitoring, convertors, DAWs and consoles available for comprehensive testing at our showrooms or even in your own studio.

If you want to try the best in mic-pres, compression, EQ, microphones or monitoring, you can spend time at KMR North London in our dedicated, soundproofed, acoustically treated listening room or we can even visit you or send equipment to your own studio.

If you are in Germany or mainland Europe, we also have a functioning high-spec studio in the heart of Berlin for you to audition prospective equipment.

Whilst KMR are happy to recommend products we know to be world class, there's nothing like using your ears to make absolutely sure it is right for you.

Call or email us to book an appointment.


KMR Audio North London

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