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Dreadbox ABYSS

Dreadbox ABYSS

4 voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer

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The Dreadbox Abyss is a four voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer with a versatile selection of analogue effects.

Abyss is the first polyphonic synthesizer from greek boutique synth manufacturer Dreadbox. Abyss builds on everything they've learned crafting analogue instruments and effects over the last few years.

The architecture of Abyss is based around a classic subtractive architecture, with four voices, an analogue filter plus a variety of stunning effects.

Each voice consists of a single VCO with a dedicated sub oscillator. The waveforms are continuously variable between square, saw and noise. Oscillator modulation options onboard include waveshaping / morphing, PWM, detune, polyphonic glide and vibrato.

Abyss includes various play modes for stacking the oscillators and building your tones. You can play them in multi channel where each VCO is assigned, Unison where all four voices are played simultaneously, polyphonic for full four voice polyphony, and chord which allows you to tune the voice to a chord of your choosing.

The filter section is based around an OTA circuit, it's a thick, lush fully resonant low pass filter with a dedicated ADSR with level control, variable key tracking and depth controls for both LFO1 and LFO2.

When it comes to modulation, there's plenty on offer. Assignable mod wheel destinations and Two multi-wave LFO's which can run into audio rates and feature square, ramp, saw and triangle waveforms. The LFO's are internally wired to multiple destinations within the synth, each destination includes a level attenuator to dial in the perfect amount of modulation.

What truly sets Abyss apart from the pack are the selection of effects on offer, each designed to provide colour and movement to the sound. There's a BBD based delay, four stage phaser and the delay taken directly from the EREBUS.

A lush polysynth from one of the most forward thinking unique manufacturers around, the ABYSS is everything you could want from a modern analogue poly and more.

The main features of the Dreadbox Abyss Analogue Polyphonic Synthesizer include

Four voice analogue poly synth

Four different play modes for stacking and playing your VCO's

Deep, rich analogue filter

Staggering array of effects

Short Description The Dreadbox Abyss is a 4-voice powerhouse analogue synthesizer with a vast array of sound shaping options and tools for building your perfect sound. Coupled with high quality analogue effects and an open architecture that begs to be played with.
Demo in Store No
Manufacturer Dreadbox
Synth Engine Type No
Built-in FX No
Number of Inputs No
Number of Outputs No
Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

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