DW Fearn Passive DI

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DW Fearn Passive DI

DW Fearn Passive DI is a passive Direct Box and offers an alternative to the D.W Fearn VT-3 Vacuum Tube DI. Featuring a top-of-the-line Jensen direct box transformer, the single channel DI is encased in heavy steel box and is finished with the same high-quality paint as the other D.W. Fearn products. It includes a ¼ phone jacks for instruments and Amp, a Neutrik gold-contact male XLR output connector and a ground-lift switch. The DW Fearn PDB has a high-impedance designed to properly match any instrument designed to normally feed a guitar amp which makes it Ideal for recording any guitarists and keyboard players.

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Short DescriptionDW Fearn Passive DI
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ManufacturerDW Fearn
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