E-RM Modular Whip

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a DIN breakout cable for the Midiclock+

The E-RM modular whip is a DIN breakout cable for the Midiclock+.

If clocking your modular is your thing and you want to use the exceptional clock inside the midiclock+, then you'll need the Modular Whip.

This cable provides single 5-pin DIN breakout into two female 3.5mm mini jack sockets, black is the analogue clock signal and red is the reset signal. Simply patch in your modular cables into the whip and you're ready to go.

A simple add on for rock solid clocking on any modular system.

The main features of the E-RM Modular Whip Breakout Cable include

DIN to 3.5mm breakout

Convert analogue DIN clock to modular signals

Black = clock, Red = reset

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Demo in StoreNo
ManufacturerE-RM Erfindungsbüro
Short Descriptiona DIN breakout cable for the Midiclock+
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