Flea 47 Vintage

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Tube Condenser Microphone Set.

The FLEA 47 Vintage Microphone is an exact replica of the U47.

It is equipped with the F7 capsule which is an exact replica of the M7 capsule. In fact, this is the same tube with different heating. Those of you who have knowledge of prices know that the price of a good VF14 tube can reach €1,500+, so it is obvious that this mic is not a cost saving design, but one true to the oriiginal.

The FLEA 47 Vintage mic is possible to use for almost everything and always sounds perfect. Of course, there are a few exceptions, but only a daredevil would position this mic 5 cm from the kick-head of a heavy metal drummer. 

FLEA 47 Vintage Microphone Main Features:

  • includes microphone
  • wooden microphone box, PSU and cables
  • Directional pattern cardioid
  • omni Frequency range 35Hz – 18kHz
  • Sensitivity at 1kHz 24mV/Pa Rated i
  • mpedance 50/200 Ohm Rated load impedance min 500/2000 Ohm
  • Tube type EF12, EF14, UF14, VF14 Weight 660g
More Information
Short DescriptionTube Condenser Microphone Set.
Demo in StoreYes
Microphone TypeLarge Diaphragm Condenser
Valve / Solid StateValve
Phantom PowerNo
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