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FMR ARC Dynamic FX Pedal

FMR ARC Dynamic FX Pedal

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FMR ARC Dynamic FX Pedal

The FMR ARC is a 4-in-1 dynamic FX pedal designed to improve the articulation, resonance and clarity of any instrument whether used on stage or in the studio.

The FMR ARC features a really nice sounding, high impedance (1MOhm), Boost function used to buffer and amplify the instrument signal to a higher level. As a result the A.R.C can be used as a direct box to match the impedance between the instrument and the mixing desk. This is immediately followed by a tone shaping compressor capable of balancing the tone, presence and performance of the instrument by electronically controlling articulation, resonance and clarity of the instrument.

The ARC features only 3 controls; a preamp gain (Gain), an amplifier output level (Amp) and a Drive control. By using different combinations of Gain and Drive, the ARC will deliver a vast array of tones.

The A.R.C’s electronics has been carefully designed to ensure the signal integrity and trimmed manually leading to a less than 0.005% of total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N). In addition, the A.R.C boasts an impressive 114dB dynamic range, exceeding by far the dynamic range of usual stompbox effects. This ensures the ARC delivers a much cleaner output with less noise and clipping issues.

The A.R.C’s signal path is all analogue offering a much richer sound with higher fidelity and features a unique “true bypass” which will deafut to a Bypass condition in case of malfunction. This means that your sound will not be interrupted even in case of power failure.

FMR ARC Dynamic FX Pedal Overview:

• 4-in-1 Useful Effects
• Subtle & Sweet Compression
• Fidelity
• Dynamic Range
• Studio Effect Power
• Many Power Supply Choices
• All Analog Signal Path
• Hard-wired Bypass with a Twist
• Daisy-chained Power Jacks
• Minimum Controls, Maximum Effect
• Cool Blue Light-Emitting Diode (LED)
• Perdy Knobs
• THAT2181 VCAs
• Steel Cabinet
• Made in Austin, Texas U.S.A.
Short Description Dynamic FX Pedal designed to improve the articulation, resonance and clarity of instruments.
Demo in Store N/A
Manufacturer FMR
Old Price N/A
Dynamics Type Compressor
Valve / Solid State Solid State
Channel Count Single Channel
Chassis Desktop
Compression Type VCA
Attack No
Release No
Ratio No
Threshold No
Digital I/O No
High Pass Filter No
Side Chain Input No

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