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Single-slot, 500-series version of the hugely popular Really Nice Levelling Amp

The FMR RNLA-500 is a 500 Series compressor taking its cue from the hugely popular and affordable Really Nice Levelling Amplifier.
The RNLA-500 is not a simple recreation however, although its looks, thick and gooey sound are clear indication to its lineage. Indeed, the FMR RNLA-500 compressor is overall more gentle than its dual-channel module counterpart, smoother even, reminiscent of vintage opto compressors, ideal for colouring your vocals, guitars, bass keys and much more.

Using the 500 Series format, the FMR RNLA-500 uses electronically balanced in and out, 24-bit higher resolution arithmetic to provide improved performance, accuracy and consistency. Like in its older sibling, the audio path in the FMR 500 Series compressor is completely separate from the digital side ensuring superior sound with no latency. Built to last, it also features sealed switches and relays, multi-layer printed circuit board and a 40x processor for smoother and controllable compression.

FMR RNLA-500 Main Features:

• Single-channel, 500 Series version of the RNLA.

• Balanced input & output.

• Linkable for stereo operation.

• Maximum input/output levels of +28dBu.

• Overcurrent protection circuits safeguard 500 Series rack operation in case of power supply faults.

• 24-bit arithmetic for smoother compression.

• Linear & Logarithmic Release modes.

• Accurate signal level metering via power-saving "dot" gain-reduction display.

• Sealed, C&K sub miniature toggle switches.

• Red-anodized, machined aluminium knobs.

More Information
Short Description Single-slot, 500-series version of the hugely popular Really Nice Levelling Amp
Demo in Store No
Manufacturer FMR
Dynamics Type Compressor
Valve / Solid State Solid State
Channel Count Single Channel
Chassis 500 Series
Compression Type Hybrid
Attack Variable
Release Variable
Ratio 1:1, 2:1, 6:1, 10:1, 25:1
Threshold -40dB to +20dB
Digital I/O N/A
High Pass Filter No
Side Chain Input No
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