Helios Type 69-500 Mic Preamp / EQ 500-Series

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500-Series version of the renowned mic pre/EQ, used by Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, etc.
The Helios Type 69-500 mic preamp with EQ for 500-Series format is a faithful recreation of the legendary Dick Swettenham adapted for the increasingly popular 500-Series also known as “Lunchbox” format. The Helios Type 69-500 has been updated for modern productions and now features 5dB steps on the mic preamp gain switch instead of the 10dB steps found on the original offering more subtle controls and making it easier to match the levels with your AD converter or audio interface. In addition the Helios Type 69-500 features an additional 16kHz frequency in the midrange controls making it more suitable to modern production and digital recordings. What’s more the 500-series Mic preamp now features a balanced output making it easier to work with digital converters and a polarity switch. Following the legendary design used on the desk used by Olympic Studios, the Helios Type 69-500 boasts the same input circuit as the original with a Sowter transformer replacing of the now discontinued Lustraphone. As a result, the new Type 69-500 mic pre offers more headroom than the original design. The EQ section follows the design of its predecessor with the addition of the 16kHz frequency in the midrange band. The Helios Type-69-500’s performance matches that of the original delivering the legendary sound of the 60’s and 70’s in your modern recording environment. Helios Type 69-500 500-Series Mic Pre and EQ Overview: • Exacting recreation of the legendary Olympic Studios design for 500-Series Format • New Sowter transformer • 5dB steps preamp gain switch • Additional 16kHz frequency in the midrange. • Balanced outputs • Phase switch
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Short Description500-Series version of the renowned mic pre/EQ, used by Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, etc.
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