"In Studio" With Peluso Microphones

Peluso have become synonymous with high-quality recreation of vintage microphones and have been embraced by countless engineers throughout the world.

From the highly popular P12, 22 47 and 22 251 valve large diaphragm condenser microphones to the newest P-67 solid-stage microphone including the CEMC-6 pencil mics, Peluso’s range of microphones caters for all the needs of any recording engineers at a fraction of the price of the original it strives to recreate. 

For this video we teamed up with MixBerlin to give you a glimpse of a recording session with a rock band using almost exclusively Peluso microphones. Here’s the setup:

Only minimal processing was used during tracking with all microphones going through the beautiful Tree Audio The Roots Valve console.

Hopefully this will give you a glimpse of what can be achieved with Peluso microphones.

We carry all the range of Peluso microphones in stock. Contact us to organise a demo and see what these microphones can deliver with your music.