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Intellijel Jelly Squasher Eurorack Compressor Module

Intellijel Jelly Squasher Eurorack Compressor Module

Intellijel Jelly Squasher

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The Intellijel Jellysquasher is an Analogue Compressor Module with a versatile set of tone shaping controls and a wide array of CV controllable parameters.

Jelly Squasher is a little more than your average compressor; yes, it includes the standard foray of compressor controls, Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release and Makeup Gain but it also includes a colour circuit and a dedicated multi-mode filter for the sidechain.

The colour modes include Tube, Tape and XFORM, these can be engaged on their own or all at the same time for some interesting sonic character;

Tube as you would expect emulates the action of tube circuitry adding non-linear distortion and second order harmonics.

Tape adds symmetrical distortion providing both even and odd order harmonics.

XFRM enhances the transformer feedback circuit and enhances low frequency content.

The onboard sidechain circuit can be excited by any external trigger such as an LFO or even an audio source like a kick drum. The sidechain feeds into the onboard state variable filter which also includes a variable resonance control, found on the rear of the PCB.

As an added treat, two Jellysquashers can be stereo linked so you can use them as a stereo pair for greater flexibility and processing power.

Another unique feature is the wet to dry mix ratio between the compressed and uncompressed signal, so there’s a wide range of sounds can be generated; for example a super saturated 20% wet to 80% dry mix makes for some very interesting timbres and harmonics.

The main features of the Intellijel Jelly Squasher Compressor Module include

Fully featured eurorack compressor module

Includes three different distortion modes

Wet to dry mix ratio

External sidechain input

Onboard LED VU can display input level or gain reduction

18HP wide

Short Description Intellijel Jelly Squasher Eurorack Compressor Module
Demo in Store No
Manufacturer Intellijel
Synth Engine Type N/A
Built-in FX N/A
Number of Inputs N/A
Number of Outputs N/A
Power Supply 110V - 240V (Internal)

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