Inward Connections Mix690

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This Product is Discontinued
16-channel summing mixers pulls off that "big console sound".
Ask anyone in the know about the Inward Connections Mix 690 summing mixer and they'll tell you it retains the lows really, really well. It manages to give you a mix depth on par with certain large consoles, and not many small summing mixers can say as much. Beyond that, the 16-channel Mix 690 offers discrete op-amps on each and every input, a testament to Inward Connection's commitment to premium quality and, of course, premium tone. Ready to relieve your overworked digital mix bus The Mix 690 is armed to restore resolution and depth to even the most overworked digital mix. It constantly gets praise for delivering a surprisingly "big console sound," a combination of exceptional low-end retention with clarity in the highs, capped with a punchy, perceptually loud midrange that adds excitement to any mix. Inward Connections: boutique gear handmade in LA Initially one of LA's best-kept secrets, the word about Inward Connections has been sweeping the globe. After all, when you hear guys like Chris Lord-Alge and Eddie Kramer swearing by a brand, you know to pay attention. Dreamed up and designed by Steve Firlotte, a well-known LA tech, the Inward Connections line offers premium options for the discerning ear, all meticulously handmade in Firlotte's Los Angeles workshop. Inward Connections Mix 690 features: 16 line inputs with pan on each channel Insert with bypass on the stereo bus Stereo master level pot Stereo meters Fully discrete 20 of the famous Inward 690 Op-Amp designed by John Hall Can be linked with other mixers without sacrificing channels
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ManufacturerInward Connection
Short Description16-channel summing mixers pulls off that "big console sound".
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