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Inward Connections TSL-4 Vac Rac

Inward Connections TSL-4 Vac Rac

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Inward Connections TSL-4 Vac Rac

Looking for some magic for vocals, bass, guitar, or the mix bus? Pay attention to the TSL-4 Vac Rac stereo tube limiter, the bread and butter of Inward Connection's line of boutique, made-in-LA gear. Loaded with Cinemag transformers, this latest version of the Vac Rac series adds new features without changing the sonic signature engineers have come to revere. You'll be armed with just the right amount of transient control, without having to tweak a bunch of knobs, giving your tracks a buttery-smoothness you'll have to hear to believe.

No-compromise design with dual-mono or stereo operation
The latest incarnation of a mix engineer's favorite
Inward Connections: boutique gear handmade in LA

No-compromise design with dual-mono or stereo operation
Top to bottom and front to back, the Inward Connections TSL-4 Vac Rac is designed and outfitted with premium components and the features pros want from a limiter. The TSL-4 Vac Rac has a link switch, connecting the opto cells of both channels for stereo operation. Both the Gain Makeup and bypassable Gain Reduction controls are 40-detented, offering 14dB of output gain and 40dB of gain reduction respectively. The best of the rest? There's a switchable 250Hz highpass filter, large 3"x3" illuminated VU meter (switchable Gain Reduction or Output), and Cinemag transformer-balanced XLR I/O, all packed into a rugged, well-ventilated 3U steel chassis with a vintage vibe to boot.

The latest incarnation of a mix engineer's favorite
Ever since the Vac Rac series hit the market two decades ago, it's grabbed the attention of high-profile mixers. This latest version gives you the same famously smooth limiting, with all the euphonic character and tube warmth that the Vac Rac reputation has been built on.

Inward Connections: boutique gear handmade in LA
Initially one of LA's best-kept secrets, the word about Inward Connections has been sweeping the globe. After all, when you hear guys like Chris Lord-Alge and Eddie Kramer swearing by a brand, you know to pay attention. Dreamed up and designed by Steve Firlotte, a well-known LA tech, the Inward Connections line offers premium options for the discerning ear, all meticulously handmade in Firlotte's Los Angeles workshop.

Inward Connections TSL-4 Vac Rac features:

40-detent gain makeup control – variable control of 14dB of output gain
40-detent gain reduction control – variable control of up to 40dB of gain reduction
Bypass switch – engages or disengages the gain reduction element
Output switch – assigns meters to gain reduction or output
Hi-pass filter switch – engages 250Hz high pass filter within the gain reduction circuit
Link switch – Links opto cells of both channels for stereo operation
Large 3"x3" Illuminated VU meter
Zero trim to calibrate the meter in Limit mode
Tubes used in both input channels: Input stage - NOS 6072A, output stage - 12BH7A
Power supply: pure Class A high voltage tube design with AC voltage selector
Unit dimensions: 3u rack space. 5.25" height, 19" width, 11.5" depth
Rugged, well-ventilated, 3u steel chassis design
Classic vintage look
Transformer balanced, line level, XLR inputs and outputs


Gain reduction: up to 40db
Input impedance: >100k ohms
Frequency response: +/- 0.5 dB @ 20Hz to 20KHz
Output signal to noise ratio: -85dB
THD + noise:
.015% @ 20Hz (0dB ref.)
.085% @ 20KHz (0dB ref.)
.15% @ 20Hz to 20KHz (+30dB ref.)
Maximum input level: +20dB
Maximum output level:
+20dBm @ 600 ohms
+34dBv @ 10K ohms
Output impedance: 600 ohms transformer balanced output
Short Description Stereo limiter with smooth, tube-drenched mojo used by top mix engineers.
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Manufacturer Inward Connection
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