Korg MS-20 FS Black

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Full size recreation of Korg's 1978 masterpiece, the MS-20. With full size keys, chassis and 1/4" patch points.

The Korg MS-20 FS is a limited edition run of Korg's ubiquitous semi modular monosynth, the MS-20. With full sized keys a full sized chassis and proper 1/4" patch points this synth sounds and feels every bit like the original.

When it originally released back in 1978, the MS20 was somewhat of a hit release, its naturally aggressive tonality, timbral flexibility and unique look meant that many musicians of the era picked one up, as such it found its way onto tracks way after it was discontinued in 1983.

Fast forward a decade or so and the first wave of the "analogue renaissance" was in full effect, and interest in gnarly, unique machines was starting to resurge. Thankfully prices at the time for analogue machines was fairly low as demand for workstations and "studio in a box" keyboards was still high, which means a lot of techno and house producers of the time could pick up an MS20 for a dime.

With all the music created during the mid to late 90's featuring that signature MS20 tonality, it's no surprise that demand was strong enough in 2013 for Korg to re-issue an 87% sized, MS20 Mini, which sonically retained the secret sauce but had mini keys and a mini price tag.

But the mini didn't quite scratch the itch for many MS enthusiasts, so for 2020 Korg have made a limited run of what is arguably their most popular synthesizer, full sized with no compromises. The MS-20 FS.

MS-20 FS as the name suggests is a full sized full on remake of the MS-20, with all the quirks and idiosyncrasies it's become well known for, with full size keys, a full size chassis and proper 1/4" patch points, this is the real deal.

Each colour is available in VERY limited quantities and probably won't be produced again, so if you love your MS series, grab one whilst you can.

The main features of the Korg MS-20 FS Black include

  • Full sized remake of the 1978 iconic monosynth
  • Limited number production run
  • Sonically and electronically identical to the original MS20
  • Full sized keyboard!!!
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    Short DescriptionFull size recreation of Korg's 1978 masterpiece, the MS-20. With full size keys, chassis and 1/4" patch points.
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