Kush Audio Clariphonic MS

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Mastering Parallel EQ

The Kush Audio Clariphonic MS is the successor of the stunning Clariphonic EQ and delivers the same stunning sound as the original but now can affect the Mid/Side.

The Clariphonic EQ MS has been designed to respond to user requests and as such now can be made to affect the centre and side of a stereo mix independently. Furthermore the MS Matrix can also be used to convert an entire rack of processors into MS thanks to the included Mid and Side insert Jacks located on the back of the unit.

Another feature request that has been added is detented pots allowing engineers to easily set and recall. the Clariphonic EQ MS uses 41-step detented pots to find the perfect balance between precision and flexibility. A new cut mode in the Focus bands allow for the softening and darkening of aggressive upper-mids akin to the sound of analogue tape.

Finally a central signal-switch relay-based Master Bypass lets you bypass both sides with a single switch.

Kush Audio Clariphonic MS Main Features:

  • Same sound of the legendary Clariphonic EQ
  • New MS Mode allows you to process Mid and Side differently
  • Mid/Side insert Jacks turns your outboard rack into MS powerhouse
  • New 41-step detented pots for precise setting and easy recall
  • New Focus cut mode to remove midrange harshness
  • Central single-switch relay-based Master Bypass
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Short Description Mastering Parallel EQ
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