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Lisson Grove AR1 Tube Compressor

Lisson Grove AR1 Tube Compressor

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Lisson Grove AR1 Tube Compressor

The Lisson Grove AR-1 is a single channel vari-mu compressor and a recreation of the 1958 classic  Altec compressor compressor that was heavily featured on the Beatles or Pink Floyd in the 1960’s.

The Lisson Grove AR-1 boasts all the same features as the original true British classic compressor including point to point hand soldiered wirings as well as  Sowter and Cinemag transformers which have been built to exacting standards ensuring the true British Sound has been left untouched.

However a few subtle changes have been implemented to suit more modern production styles, such as a faster release time which now is 310ms at its faster setting instead of the original 500ms.

A new O/P Load knob allows for the control of the output transformer anywhere between its original 200 Ohms setting all the way to 600 Ohms. The difference in impedance offers a subtle range of tonal controls with the lower settings producing a darker sound. A ¼” switching jack has also been added to the back of the unit to provide remote control of the hold function.

Lisson Grove AR-1 Tube Compressor

  • Faithful reissue of the modified Altec Compressor

  • Vari-mu type compression

  • Adjustable release/attack

  • No hard bypass

  • Switchable impedance via O/P load

  • Infinity control for extra-long recovery time

  • ¼” switching jack for hold control

  • Balance controls gain reduction valve

  • 19" rackmountable

Short Description Recreation of the 1958 classic Altec compressor compressor that was heavily featured on the Beatles or Pink Floyd in the 1960’s
Demo in Store N/A
Manufacturer Unity Audio
Old Price N/A
Dynamics Type Compressor
Valve / Solid State Valve
Channel Count Single Channel
Chassis Rackmount
Compression Type Vari_Mu
Attack N/A
Release N/A
Ratio No
Threshold No
Digital I/O No
High Pass Filter N/A
Side Chain Input No

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