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Little Labs Monotor Presenter Headphone Amp

Little Labs Monotor Presenter Headphone Amp

Little Labs Monotor Presentor Headphone Amp
Little Labs Monotor Presentor Headphone Amp Little Labs Monotor Presentor Headphone Amp, Back

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The Little Labs Monotor Presentor is an extended version of the Montor audiophile headphone amplifier with an additional headphone out, foot switch controlled talkback, stereo A/B source level matching andmore.

The Little Labs Monotor Presentor uses a high fidelity audio path with hand wound, low distortion transformers with transformer coupled inputs. In addition it boasts a full-voltage low-noise, linear on board regulators. This results in a huge dynamic range and the ability to drive high impedance headphones without loss of volume and no noticeable hiss.

The Monotor features extensive mono monitoring options, letting you monitor either the left or right channel independently or the sum of both L+R. A Phase L-R lets you hear the sides as well giving you a full display of your stereo.  The Presentor version also includes an additional stereo input, as well as balanced and unbalanced microphone inputs over ¼” Jack (unbalanced) and 1/8” stereo mini-jack. A talkback footswitch input is also provided.

Little Labs Monotor Presentor Headphone Amp Main Features:

  • Triple 1/4” AND 3.5mm separately amplified headphone jacks, for no, “where’s that adapter” hook up and partner monitoring.
  • Extensive mono monitoring capability: left plus right, left, right, and even left minus right, for phase check and digital compressed audio file artifact analysis.
  • Internal state of the art super low noise linear voltage regulation, providing audiophile full current/voltage (unlike USB wimp powered headphone amps).
  • Easy input interface for balanced or unbalanced gear.
  • Minimal audiophile (almost completely passive) zen circuit path using a single, truly state of the art active stage per headphone output (0.5Ω output impedance).
  • XLR/TRS combo jack inputs in parallel with TRS jacks for easy in-line monitoring hook up.
  • Stereo mini aux input for talkback communication or easy portable player hookup.
  • Quality stepped volume attenuator with internal bypass for remote volume control capability.
  • Rack-mountable: Up to 4 Little Labs devices fit in a 1u space.
Short Description Audiophile headphone amplifier designed for audio engineers with state of the art active stage per channel and passive circuit topology
Demo in Store No
Manufacturer Little Labs

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