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Looptrotter SATurAMP 500 Series Mic Preamp

Looptrotter SATurAMP 500 Series Mic Preamp

500 Series mic-pre with original saturation circuit

Looptrotter SATurAMP 500 - Front
Looptrotter SATurAMP 500 - Front Looptrotter SATurAMP 500 - Inside Looptrotter SATurAMP 500 - Flow

Looptrotter SATurAMP 500 Series Mic Preamp

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Digitally controlled single-slot mono 500-Series analogue preamp with original saturation unit adding low order harmonic frequencies, also works as a soft limiter....

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The Looptrotter SATurAMP is a single slot, mono mic/line preamp for the 500-series format with an original saturation circuit delivering a powerful sound with great detail.

The Looptrotter SATurAMP takes inspiration from early ‘60s designs but with some resolutely modern appointments such as digital controls of most functions, eliminating mechanic switches from the signal path ensuring a more reliable and enduring performance. Instead, the mechanic elements are replaced with hermetic relays and semiconductor switches.

Looptrotter’s 500-series mic pre uses a Sowter transformer based on the highly regarded AP2620 found in legendary API mic preamps. In addition, the SATurAMP uses an operating amplifier using exclusively discrete elements. This design, clearly inspired by legendary mic pres from the ‘60s is augmented with a resolutely modern digitally controlled micro buttons. Amplification value is displayed in dB on the digital display.

The Hi-Z instrument input uses a Class A circuit design with discrete FET transistors offering a richer sound with small amounts of even harmonics adding further musicality to instruments plugged in directly.

The SATurAMP works wonders on guitar, basses but also digital synths to which it will impart a warm analogue sound. SATurAMP boasts a 12dB per octave high-pass filter with three cut-off frequency displaying different characteristics. At 60Hz, the high-pass filter uses a Chebyshev filter design, offering tighter filter behaviour. At 100Hz, the filter changes to a more conventional Butterworth design exhibiting a more linear behaviour. The final HPF frequency is 160Hz uses a Bessel filter offering a maximally linear phase response.

At the heart of the SATurAMP is the same saturation circuit found in the SA2RATE inspired by the sound of old tape recorders and analogue consoles, smoothing signal peaks in a dynamic and musical way, while adding low order harmonics. Saturation works like a soft limiter, increasing the overall level at the recording stage without any unwanted artifacts. As the result the recorded sound offers superior detail and sits perfectly in the mix. The SATurAMP features a minimalist signal path and carefully selected to deliver sound quality of the highest order.


Looptrotter SATurAMP Features:

  • preamplifier with amplification of 66dB (gain 60dB + output +6dB)
  • gain on operational amplifier, build of discrete elements
  • gain control without mechanic contacts
  • smooth regulation of output level with OUTPUT knob
  • instrument input, Hi-Z, on the front panel (impedance of 1M ohm), build of discrete elements
  • original saturation unit adding low order harmonic frequencies, working also like soft limiter
  • signal peak indicated with LED
  • 2 LEDs indicating signal saturation level (4% and 8% THD)
  • 3 LEDSs indicating output level
  • PAD -20 dB  
  • phantom power 48V
  • polarization switch
  • high-pass filter with slope of 12db per octave, with selectable cut-off frequency and characteristic 60 Hz - Chebychev, 100Hz - Butterworth, 160 Hz – Bessel
  • MUTE button – muting the preamp output
  • SOWTER transformer in signal path
  • 100% original design guaranteeing unique, original sound
  • Made in Poland
Short Description Digitally controlled single-slot mono 500-Series analogue preamp with original saturation unit adding low order harmonic frequencies, also works as a soft limiter.
Demo in Store Yes
Exclusive KMR Exclusive
Manufacturer Looptrotter
Valve / Solid State No
Channel Count No
DI Input No
Side Chain Input No
Chassis No
Phantom Power No
High Pass Filter No
Includes Dynamics No
Includes EQ No
Digital I/O No
Computer Connection No

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