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Mackie MR5 Mk3 (pair)

Mackie MR5 Mk3 (pair)

Mackie MR5 Mk3 (pair)
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The Mackie MR5 Mk2 Studio Monitor delivers truly professional quality and everything you need for critical monitoring—at a price that’s unbelievably affordable. The MR5 Mk2 Monitors are ideal for a variety of applications. Use the MR5 Mk2 to empower your mixes in the studio, or to add pro sound to your multimedia, gaming or home theatre system. You can even use them for a great-sounding home DJ rig. For any applications where high quality sound and classic good looks are required, Mackie MR 5 Mk2 monitors are the perfect fit. To ensure the best sound possible for your setup, the MR 5 Mk2 Series monitors feature acoustic controls so you can tune them to fit your room. With their Active bi-amplified architecture, wide dispersion, ultra-flat frequency response and outstanding bass performance, you get superior imaging with impeccable clarity, for a truly inspirational, non-fatiguing monitoring experience. When it comes to baffle design, shape matters; it plays a role in how sound waves travel. The Mackie MR5's baffle is precisely molded to minimize diffraction, so sound waves radiate smoothly, and are dispersed optimally. The precision waveguide is designed to ensure broad, even dispersion, and a smooth transition between highs and lows. The result is a crystal clear image of your mix, with an ultra-wide, even sweet spot. Whether you’re in mix position or not, on axis or off, you’ll always hear an accurate representation of your mix. Amplifiers are the power behind a monitor’s sound, but they can also color it. Unlike with passive monitors, the MR5's amplifiers are precisely matched to the monitor design. Featuring our proven Class A/B architecture, the MR Monitors’ amplifiers are meticulously tuned to deliver ultra-flat frequency response, so the sound remains neutral. To compensate for room characteristics, acoustic controls allow you to adjust High Frequency and Low Frequency settings (+/-2dB). Balanced inputs allow you to get the best signal possible, but the option of unbalanced inputs mean you can connect easily to any source. And the Mackie MR 5 Mk2 Monitors deliver enough power to handle the toughest source material, at sound levels beyond sane people’s requirements. Mackie MR5 Mk2 main features include: Studio monitor with true Active design Precision Class A/B amplifiers with Active protection circuits: 55W for LF / 30W for HF
HF and LF acoustic controls for room correction Balanced XLR, TRS and unbalanced RCA inputs Ultra-low distortion 5.25-inch steel frame LF transducer Waveguide loaded 1-inch high-resolution HF transducer Minimum-diffraction molded baffle for smooth, wide sweet zone Magnetically shielded for safe placement near computer/video monitors Precisely tuned for working interchangeably with other MR units
Short Description The Mackie MR5 Mk2 Studio Monitor delivers truly professional quality and everything you need for critical monitoring—at a price that’s unbelievably affordable.
Demo in Store N/A
Manufacturer Mackie
Powered, Passive Powered
Type Nearfield
HF Driver 1
LF Driver Size 5.5"
Speaker Design 2-way
Ported No
EQ Correction Yes
Horizontal or Vertical No
Mounting System No

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